Our office still remains closed to visitors. However, our services are continuing. If you have COVID-related expenses, please contact us at 318-671-8131 or toll-free at 1-877-219-7327 if you need assistance.

If you need assistance with finding or scheduling to receive a COVID vaccine, please call us at the numbers listed above.



We are continuing to collaborate with the IRS in providing free income tax preparation for low income consumers. Tax season has been extended to June 15. We are once again and still doing taxes by drop-off rather than in-person appointments. For more information, please call 318-671-8131 or 1-877-219-7327 in the Shreveport area or 318-323-4374 in the Monroe area. Our services are free and could help you pay your rent, food, utilities, medications, and other needs with the money you save by having your taxes prepared for free.