The Covid-19 pandemic changed how we live, work, play and stayed healthy. It has been a challenging experience for all of us. As the infection rates fall and more people get vaccinated, we re-enter public life in a “new normal” community.  Below are some tips on how to re-engage safely and promote well-being:
Get vaccinated! This will protect yourself against infection and improve peace of mind as you reengage with your community.
Review safety precautions and practices that reduce risks.
Be patient with yourself and reengage with community/ activities within limits you are comfortable. For some increasing social activities is exciting, but for others it may produce stress. Just know that mixed emotions are valid.
If you are experiencing post-pandemic fears, depression or grief due to the loss of a loved one, counseling is available.  Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.
If you need assistance, New Horizons can help you find the resources you need.