In collaboration with the IRS, we are continuing to offer free income tax

preparation for eligible taxpayers. The 2022 Tax Filing Season deadline is

April 18, 2022. By taking advantage of free income tax preparation,

taxpayers can use the money they would spend on a paid tax preparer

to pay rent/mortgage, food, medicines, and other basic necessities. As in

years past, New Horizons can assist with tax preparation year round

for current and prior year taxes. However, if the taxpayer wants to file

in a timely manner, our cutoff for dropping off 2021 taxes will be

Friday, April 8.  New Horizons will be closed on Friday, April 13

in observance of Good Friday. The process remains that taxpayers

can drive to our rear entrance, honk the car horn, and

we will come out. Call 318-671-8131 for more information.